Pinpoint Massage

Licensed Massage Therapist

Trigger Point Therapy/Deep Tissue/Swedish
Sports Massage/Myofascial Release

Justin is amazing. I decided to start getting regular massages this year as an investment in my wellness, and it has made such a difference. I've had professional massages before for sports injury as well as for relaxation, but Justin somehow manages to deliver the intensity and results of a sports massage along with the tranquility and good-feels of a relaxation massage. He's professional, has a great calm and friendly personality. He listens to you and your bodies needs, and the man has gifted hands. Following my first massage with Justin, I walked around for the next two days feeling HIGH. I don't know what magic he worked, endorphins or blood flow or whatever, but there was a noticeable difference in my body, my mobility, and my mood. He's awesome, definitely would recommend to anyone.

Lei-Lei B.



Justin was a huge help. I'm a multi-sport athlete (climbing, surfing, strength, hiking) with very specific issues and have been to other massage therapist before but Justin was able to make a greater impact than any massage therapist I've experienced. Good listener, no non-sense, targets the exact issues that you want. I feel like other massage therapist hold back because they want to conserve energy, aren't strong enough, or don't understand / won't listen to my requests for the desired level of intensity, but there is no issue with Justin. He's a rock climber as well so there is no deficit of strength in his hands. I'm sure he's just as good at going soft and relaxing, although I do not have experience with that. If you want a serious deep tissue massage to alleviate your pain and tightness, he is the one to get.

Van V.



 I never felt comfortable with the idea of getting a massage before I cam to Pinpoint Massage. Justin is not only an absolute professional but he puts you so at ease that while your body is being massaged your mind is also completely relaxed. I spend my free time climbing and hiking and it builds a lot of tension in my shoulders, arms, and lower back. It is super important then for me to have someone who has the strength to give the right kind of pressure and the ability to know what my body needs more than I do. He even told me that my bag for work was way too heavy based on my shoulder tension and recommended that I make a change to a lighter bag or a backpack. It completely decreased my pain and improved my quality of life. I recommend Pinpoint massage to anyone!

Kei H.



Great massage! Went in feeling tired and achy and actually came out refreshed and full of energy! I sprang for the package deal because I figured that would make me actually stay on schedule for getting a massage every few weeks. Justin is super knowledgable and friendly. Even gave me a few exercises to strengthen my back and improve my posture. Great therapist!

Lieni B.