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Four Questions You Wanted to Know, but Didn't Want to Ask.

Having been in this industry for as long as I have, I get a ton of questions. Sometimes the questions arise from an apology, and sometimes it just gets asked while the client blushes with embarrassment. Here are three questions I have had in the last 30 days from clients, friends or potential clients.

I farted in a massage, what do I do?

First, say excuse me. It is the polite thing to do. Farts are completely natural, and when we relax, our body just lets them out (especially when you move). I really don't care if you fart, even if it stinks. But the best thing to do is acknowledge it and be polite.

Side Note: I have farted in massages too. It happens!

Sometime I fall asleep on the table. Does that make massaging difficult?

Not at all. For most therapies relaxation is the key, so falling asleep is a compliment. If I am giving you a medical massage or pain relief massage where the session may be a little more painful, I will talk to you, to distract from what I am doing. Otherwise, fall asleep if you can, naps are amazing!

I didn't shave my legs. Will you be offended?

You didn't shave your legs? Chances are I didn't either. I have no problem with people who don't shave their legs, and I absolutely will not hold it against you. Shave or don't shave, either way, I will still treat you the same.

I want to relax, but my therapist is too chatty. How do I politely get them to be quiet?

There are several ways to do this. First way is don't respond when they say something. This is typically a signal to the therapist to be quiet. Second way is to mention that you like to focus on the music. Third way is to just tell the therapist that you prefer a quiet session and do not wish to have a conversation.

If I am your therapist, just tell me and I will be quiet. You won't offend me, and I won't adjust the quality of the massage, except for accommodating your request.

I love giving massage. The many different clients and experiences in my practice are one of the driving forces to why I do my job. I love answering questions, and if you have any, please contact me via email at I will answer you personally, and may use your question for a blog post, you never know!

Have a beautiful and blessed day!


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