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What I Learned From Getting Regular Massage

One of my goals this year was to make receiving massages a priority. My plan was to get 2 massages a month and see how it feels.

And I have done that….sort of. So, here are some things I learned from the past 4 months.

  • It is not “Just an hour”. Many advertisements, especially for Mother’s Day, say things like “Take an hour out for yourself and get a massage/facial!” But it isn’t just an hour, is it? No. There is so much more to it. You have to think about drive time, getting there early, then the post-massage haze, and driving home. So really, it is an hour on top of your session. So you aren’t taking an hour out for yourself, you are taking time. And that time is worth it.

  • Getting a therapist that doesn’t listen to you is really annoying and disappointing. I have seen different therapists when I get massages to experience different types of massage. The most frustrating thing is when I request focus on a specific area and they ignore that area or only hit it in passing. It feels like such a waste of time and money. This happened in my last few messages, so I understand the frustration. The silver lining, I am determined to NOT do this with my clients.

  • If I don’t schedule the session, it won’t happen. My ADHD kicks in super hard when I have to schedule things for myself. Online booking is my friend or booking before I leave that office (there are several places I saw multiple therapists). I am one of those people who if I don’t schedule my self-care when I am thinking about it, it falls off the wagon and I only remember when I can’t call to make an appointment. So, pro tip- book your appointments in advance; because you may not be able to get in immediately.

This has been an amazing 4 months, and although I have had some hiccups in my self-care (March was a doozy in my house with illnesses) I plan to keep on track and keep it up. I also can say that the things I have learned will be taken into consideration in my practice. I love that you all allow me to do the work I love to do.

I vow to value your time and your feedback, so I can offer the best session possible for you. Thank you and see you on my table soon.


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