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Pinpoint Massage is now offering a limited number of Memberships!

There are 3 levels of memberships.  I got real inventive with the names and they are as follows:

Massage 60 = $94/month - You get 1 - 60 minute massage each month.

Massage 75 = $114/month - You get 1 - 75 minute massage each month.

Massage 90 = $129/month - You get 1 - 90 minute massage each month.

Here are bullet points for the rules:

* Additional massages may be purchased at the prices listed above.

* Memberships may be shared with others in your household.  

* You may purchase gift certificates for massage at your membership rate.

* You may gift your membership massage to a friend or family member as long as the request is made in writing (via email) at least 24 hours in advance.

* Initial membership contract is for 3 months.  After that it is month to month, cancel anytime.  Please give a 10 day notice for membership cancellations.

* Memberships are limited, as of right now, only 10 will be available.

* Any products that I sell now or in future will be sold with a 10% membership discount.

* All membership massages are non-refundable, but may be gifted.

* All cancellation and rescheduling policies will be in place for memberships.

Cancelling Memberships

* To cancel a membership, you must give written notice of cancellation. Please allow for 5 business days for cancellation to be processed. 

Suspended Memberships

* You may suspend your membership once every 12 months for up to 3 months.  To suspend your membership, you must give notice of suspension in writing with the date you wish to resume your membership.  Suspended memberships will resume upon the suspension time ending.

* Members who do not use their monthly massages for 3 consecutive months will be notified via email, and their account will be suspended. (I don't want to take your money if you are not using my service.)  You have 3 months from suspension to reactivate your account by contacting me or coming in for a session.  If you have not come in within 6 months, your membership will be cancelled and the money paid will be placed on your account and can be used toward future sessions.

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