Massage Services

Customized Massage

With a Customized Massage Session, you get your full hands on time session where I focus on the areas you tell me to focus.  This massage is designed around each person, each time you visit.  The pressure used in this session can vary from Light to Deep, just depending on what you tell me.  Want more pressure? Let me know.  Want me to spend more time on your upper back and neck?  You got it.  Want some heat packs on your back?  Just say the word.  When you book your massage you give yourself a gift!

60 Minute = $84

75 Minute = $99

90 Minute = $114

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is done in 60 or 90 minute increments and is designed to help expectant mothers relax from the stresses of pregnancy, reduce pain and prepare the body for delivery.    Prenatal massage can be done from the moment you find out you are pregnant up to the day of delivery.  We utilize the side-lying position to accommodate growing bellies, and use a variety of techniques and pressures throughout the massage.

60 Minute = $84

90 Minute = $114

Medical Massage

I specialize in Injury and Surgery Recovery, Rehabilitation and Prevention Massage.  If you are working with a Doctor, Physical Therapist or Chiropractor, I take into consideration the exercises they have you doing and use massage to support that therapy.  I focus on the areas that will help you to recover quickly so that you can get back to doing what you love.

Unfortunately we do not bill insurance at this time.  If you would like reimbursement for your session from your insurance company, contact them before booking your appointment.  

Special pricing on massage packages for recovery and rehabilitation massage.

30 Minute = $54

45 Minute = $69

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Add On Services

Now Included (Choose One)

Targeted Hot Stone

Targeted Cupping

Targeted Pain Relief Massage Oil

Aromatherapy Foot Scrub

Targeted Cupping

Cupping is a negative pressure therapy, used to help with pain, inflammation and circulation.  Silicone cups will be placed on or used as a gliding tool over the skin to create a pull on the muscle and skin.  The tension that is in the cup can range from light to deep pulling pressure, which can reach the under lying tissues.

Marks may be left on the skin as a result of this treatment.  If you have any concerns, please ask me about it and we will decide if it is the right fit for you.

Foot Scrub

Using our house blend of sugar, coconut oil and essential oils, we will gently exfoliate your feet.  We will encase your feet in hot towels, then gently wipe your feet clean using fresh hot towels for a clean foot feeling.

Targeted Hot Stone

Give a little extra attention to those areas that are most tense with a Targeted Hot Stone.  With this add on you will get a little added heat and massage to those focus areas.  The use of the stone is added into the massage, and does not add on any additional time.

For a Full Body Hot Stone session, please schedule a minimum of a 90 minute session, book this add on and put full body in the comments.  The cost of the Full Body, add $30 to the session.

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Packages are available for all massage types.  Customized and Prenatal Massage Packages are priced below (Medical Massage, call for specific pricing).

3 Pack of 60 Minute Sessions = $241

3 Pack of 90 Minute Sessions = $331

6 Pack of 60 Minute Sessions = $473

6 Pack of 90 Minute Sessions = $643

Packages do NOT have to be used by the same person.  If you would like to trade one massage for a gift certificate for a friend, just ask and I will work that out for you.  If you are splitting the package at purchase, let me know and I will get that set up for you.

Draping will be used throughout the massage session for all clients.  Breasts and genitals will not be massaged or exposed throughout your massage.  All state laws and regulations will be adhered to.  Any requests for inappropriate massages will have their session terminated with full payment due, and will be reported to the proper authorities.