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Massage Services

Customized Massage

With a Customized Massage Session, you will receive a full-time hands on massage session.  The focus of this massage will be discussed in a pre-session interview and we will customize the massage session to your needs.  What more or less pressure?  Just let me know!  Want more time on your upper back and shoulders?  You got it!   Want heat packs or Cupping?  Just say the word!

All Customized Massage sessions come with one free add on!  Choose from Cupping or Targeted Hot Stone!

60 min = $99

75 min = $124

90 min = $149

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage is designed to help expectant mothers relax from the stresses of pregnancy, reduce pain and prepare the body for delivery.  Prenatal massage can be done from the moment you find out you are pregnant, up to the day of delivery.  We utilize the side-lying position to accommodate growing bellies and use a variety of techniques and pressures throughout the massage (even Deep pressure!)

60 min = $99

75 min = $124

90 min = $149

Medical Massage

I specialize in Injury and Rehabilitation Massage.  If you have a medical team you are working with, I take into consideration the exercises and treatments they have in place and use massage to support that therapy.  I focus on the areas that will help you to recover quickly so that you can get back to doing what you love.

Unfortunately we do not bill insurance at this time.  We do accept HSA and FSA cards.  If you would like reimbursement for your session from your insurance company, contact them before booking your appointment and I will provide to you any documentation they need.

We also offer special pricing for medical massage packages.  Ask your therapist for details

30 min = $69

45 min = $84

60 min= $99

Add On Services

Included Add Ons

Each customized massage session includes a complimentary add on, when requested.  

Add-ons we offer:

Targeted Hot Stone

Targeted Cupping

Heat Packs or Hot Towels

Blanket Cupping

Cupping is a negative pressure therapy, used to help with pain, inflammation and circulation.  Silicone cups will be placed on your back and left while your legs or arms are massaged.  Blanket Cupping is lighter in pressure than targeted cupping.  Gliding of cups may be used before the blanket cupping begins.

Marks may be left on the skin as a result of this treatment.  If you have any concerns, please ask your therapist and we will make a decision if it is right for you.

Blanket Cupping = $10 in addition to massage.

Pain Relief Ointment

You may choose to add on a pain relief ointment that we have at our clinic.  This ointment is mixed with the lotion for one body part, and helps with pain, inflammation and soreness.  

Pain Relief Ointment = $10 in addition to massage.


Packages are available for all massage types.  Customized and Prenatal Massage Packages are priced below.  Medical and MLD packaging are client specific.

3 Pack - 

60 minute sessions = $279

75 minute sessions = $344

90 minute sessions = $399

6 Pack - 

60 minute sessions = $554

75 minute sessions = $684

90 minute sessions = $794

You are allowed to gift your massages bought in a package.  Just make the request in writing (via email) and we will get that done for you!

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a light pressure manual therapy used with those that are experiencing swelling in a limb or joint due to injury or surgery.  This session is not the same as massage and is not intended to relieve stress or pain.

There is an initial consultation session of 90 minutes were we will discuss the goals that you have for the session, plus a full body MLD session.  After the consultation and session, a treatment plan will be made for you, depending on your goals and needs.  Additional sessions may range from 45-90 minutes.

Initial MLD session = $159

Draping will be used throughout the massage session for all clients.  Breasts and genitals will not be massaged or exposed throughout your massage.  All state laws and regulations will be adhered to.  Any requests for inappropriate massages will have their session terminated with full payment due, and will be reported to the proper authorities. 

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