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12 Days of Christmas - Self Care Edition

The holidays can be super exhausting and we many of us are so busy taking care to make the "perfect" holiday that we forget that we also need to take time for ourselves.

Over the next 12 days, up to and including Christmas I will be posting on my social media about 12 things you can do for yourself that cost little to no money.

DAY 1: Diffuse Your Favorite Essential Oil

Diffusing essential oils can be very relaxing and soothing. I am sure if you google, you can find out exactly WHY that happens, but I know it does!

You can buy straight oils, blends or make your own blend, just find a smell that makes you happy.

Personally, I love to use Defender from Simply Earth oils during the winter months. I love their Peace and Quiet blend during the summer and spring months as well. (Links above are NOT affiliate links.) There are so many oils at Simply Earth (my favorite EO company).

You can find essential oils and diffusers at many retailers locally and they really aren't too crazy expensive, with some exceptions.

If you want to blend your own essential oils, here is a sheet that I grabbed from Pinterest. I like to blend Defender from Simply Earth and add a drop of vanilla (makes it smell like baked goods) or peppermint (which makes it smell more like Christmas, imo).

If you need a diffuser and like the one I have in my room (or in the picture above), I got it off of Amazon and I LOVE it! (The diffuser link is an affiliate link).

I hope that you find a time to sit down and enjoy the smells of the holiday season, or the smell of a margarita on a beach, or whatever makes you happy!


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