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12 Days of Stress Relief - Go For A Walk

Getting exercise is one of the best ways to lower our cortisol levels and ways to reduce stress. In the 10 days before Christmas, we have several days that would be perfect for getting out of the house and going for a walk.

Here is a list of local places where you can go for a walk:

  1. The Woodlands Waterway (The Woodlands)

  2. Hughes Landing (The Woodlands) - Bonus: There are some really cute shops in the area if you needed some last-minute gift ideas)

  3. Pundt Park (Spring) - This is where I take my kids to play. It is well-maintained and safe for kids. The trails are paved, so no worries about mud.

  4. Dennis Johnson Park (Spring) - This park connects to Pundt Park via a 2.5-mile paved trail.

  5. Liberty Lake Park (Benders Landing) - This is for those who live in Benders Landing. But the reviews of the Park were amazing, so this is a must-see if you live in that neighborhood.


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