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3 Ways My Membership is Better

We all know a membership to a massage place is where you pay monthly dues and you get one massage each month. And that is the same for me. Here you get one massage a month that is considered “Prepaid” that you can get every month. You want more than one massage a month, you can pay for additional sessions. You can’t come in one month because you are busy or out of town, the massage rolls over to the next month. This is all very typical. So what makes mine different? Well, there are three major differences to a membership with Pinpoint Massage.

  1. Your membership can be shared with up to 5 family members. I understand that sometimes we want to gift our massages to someone or our significant other is in incredible pain and massage is something you want to try. Cool. At Pinpoint Massage, you just have to list them as a family member (I can do that from my side of things) and BOOM, they can use your massage session. Because you can share the membership with family, I encourage family members to share one membership, since additional massages are the same price. Side note: I am not going to tell you who your family is either. They can have the same last name or not; live at the same address or not. Family is who you choose, as long as it isn’t more than 5. :)

  2. The initial membership term is three months. After that it is month to month, cancel any time for any reason. All you need to do is request the cancellation with 10 days notice, and it will be canceled. Still have appointments that are prepaid? They are still usable on your account for 12 months. After a year (from cancellation date) it will revert to money spent, so if your membership is $84 a month and you had 2 prepaid that expired, you would have a $168 credit on your account that you could use for massage or gift certificates.

  3. We have memberships that will fit your needs. We have memberships for each of the following times: 60 minutes, 75 minutes, or 90 minutes. If you like a longer massage, you should sign up for the 90 minute massage membership, and each month, you will get a 90 minute massage. If you prefer shorter sessions, you can sign up for 60 or 75 minute massage membership. You sign up for what you want. You can always add time to your sessions, so if you want a longer session, just ask, and I will apply your prepaid session to the new session, you just pay the difference. Unfortunately I cannot split sessions, so if you have a longer prepaid, it would have to be for time.

One more thing about my memberships is that they are LIMITED. I have a specific number of memberships that are available. As I am just me, I want to keep my memberships small, so all can get in to receive their massages. Other perks you get with membership can include: birthday upgrades, monthly bonuses, 10% off any product I may sell in the future, and more.

If your priority is to take time out for yourself, a Massage Membership is the way to go.


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