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4 tips to avoid Holiday Burnout

Do the holidays already have you tuckered out, just thinking about it? How many times have you wanted to crawl into a hole and hide until it is all over?

Holiday Burnout is a thing. You feel so overwhelmed that you just want it over as soon as possible, then you feel guilty for being a Scrooge or Grinch (your choice) for the holiday season.

Let me give you some tips for avoiding holiday burn out.

1) Be Santa: Make a list. Prioritize your holiday season. You do NOT have to make EVERY holiday event, party and pageant. Choose the things that are the most important and do those. Tell everyone else that you can't make the other events.

2) At the beginning of each day (or end or middle or all of the above) take 5 minutes with a cup of coffee or hot cocoa and disconnect from the world. Just hold the warmth in your hand and think of nothing else. Meditate. Take deep breaths and empty your mind. If that doesn't work just think about the yumminess of the drink you are drinking or focus on the silence. Who cares if it is in the car at the grocery store before you drive home, or the bathroom with the shower running and door locked.

3) Put down the social media during family gatherings. Nothing is so important that you have to be that connected to your phone while hanging out with your kids/spouse/friends.

4) Get a massage, take a yoga class, do something for you, but getting a massage is best (I am a little biased). And if you just want to escape your Monster-In-Law, schedule your massage and take an hour out of your day for you. Or if you love your Mother-in-law, gift her a session to tell her how much you appreciate her.

5) Do at least 5 things that bring you joy every day. They can be big or small; it doesn't matter. It could be going to the gym for 30 minutes. Or listening to a book or podcast on your way home that YOU want to listen to. It could be indulging in your favorite drink from a local coffee shop. Or shopping online so you don't have to put pants on.

This Holiday Season, bring joy to the most important person in your life, You.

Make YOURSELF a priority this season!


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