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Early Voting, Starts Now

This is NOT a post about who you should or should not vote for!

As you may have heard, this is an election year. Today (October 13th) marks the beginning of Texas's early voting. You can find your local polling place at

When you vote, please make sure you have a valid form of ID. IDs include Texas DL, Texas ID, Texas Election ID certificate, Texas Handgun license, US military ID with photo, US citizenship certificate with photo, US passport. For a full list or to find out what to do if you do not have a valid ID, visit the link above.

Please prepare before you vote. Know who is running, and what they stand for. Make sure that if you are voting party, that the individual on the ballot represents your views and opinions (as far as you can). Check who is running in your area. A good website for this is

Vote early if you can (early voting ends October 30, 2020). If you have to wait till November 3rd, that is fine, but get out there and vote!


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