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Stress Relief Tip #1: Declutter

Did you know that clutter can perpetuate stress?

It sure can! Think about how you feel when you clean an area of your house or office, or get a car wash. You feel a weight off your shoulders.

Well, Spring cleaning isn't just for Spring! Do you know how "spring cleaning" got it's name? Historically, winter was for staying indoors and sheltering down. Once spring came, houses needed to be aired out, carpets could be taken out and beaten and the whole house would get cleaned and dusted. It really was a big deal.

Fortunately we don't have to wait for spring to declutter our spaces. We can pick an area and focus our cleaning in that one space.

That space doesn't have to be physical either, it can be mental or digital. This summer I cleaned my Facebook friends list and went from over 1200 people (most of which I met in passing) to less than 500 people who I know in real life and are real friends and family.

My husband and I just cleaned and rearranged our living room. We cleaned around our corner desk and removed our old, broken-down couch. We then changed our living room into a learning space for our homeschool. It took several days, but being in the living room is SO much better now and throwing away and shredding a ton of stuff was cathartic.

So go, be awesome and when you are feeling particularly stressed, pick one area of your world and clean up one small space at a time.


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