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Stress Relief Tip #2: Citrus

I have this Essential Oil blend called Citrus Burst (from Simply Earth) OMG! I love this stuff. It just makes me happy! It smells like a mixture of all things citrus and sunshine!

One of my favorite things to do, is I take a round cotton pad (for removing make-up), cut it in 4 and drop one drop of Citrus Burst on 2 of cotton quarters. Then I put it in my mask along with my filter. I get to spend the rest of the day smelling this amazing scent.

Now, I know it is October, and we are supposed to be all about the Pumpkin Spice, but Citrus is one of the Aromatherapies that help reduce stress; which is probably why I like it so much!

Many Essential Oil brands use Citrus (such as lemon, lime and grapefruit) in stress relieving blends. Citrus is good for stress and anxiety relief, promotes sleep and eases symptoms of depression.

So find your local EO guru, and ask them about citrus essential oils. I recommend Simply Earth Essential Oils. This is a great company with a great product, and 13% of all sales goes to fight human trafficking. There are several reputable companies, so this isn't the only option.

Some of my favorite blends are: Happy Joy, Peace and Quiet (all time favorite), Citrus Burst and Defender (not Citrus, but great for boosting your immune system).


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